We have some wonderful news to share with you all! You've already met our amazing Nadia, who has been pouring her heart and soul into giving little kittens the best start at life as one of our cherished foster carers. But did you know, she's also a budding entrepreneur?
Introducing Nadia's very own Etsy shop - Purrfect Pearls!

Every single purchase from Purrfect Pearls goes directly towards supporting Nadia's fosters and contributes to a donation towards the rescue. That's right, 100% of the proceeds!

By shopping at Purrfect Pearls, you're not just treating yourself to beautifully crafted items, but you're also helping Nadia provide toys, treats, food, litter, and all the essentials to ensure these kittens have the best possible start in life.

What's truly remarkable is that Nadia is only 13 years old! She's an inspiration to us all, proving that age is just a number. When you set your mind to something, you can create something truly beautiful.