In 2023 we were made aware of a litter of kittens who according to their Gumtree ad were "happy healthy and ready for their forever homes".

A wonderful human from the public went to the property and negotiated taking the kittens and finding them rescue. Rocky and his siblings - Bowser, Peach, Mari and Yoshette - all came to us riddled with fleas, worms and the worst case of the flu we have ever seen. Rockys siblings rejected him, and we understand now it was because they knew something we didn't. Whilst his siblings made a slow recovery from their horrible beginnings Rocky took a turn for the worst. 

We fought hard along side Rocky as he showed us he was willing to fight, but eventually a few days into blood tests, drips and overnight hospital stays the vets gave us the horrible news that Rockys body had started to shut down. 
He had fought all he could and it was time to let him go. 

Rocky was a victim of pure human negligance. A simple vaccination could have helped him fight off the horrible flu that would eventually take his life.

Rocky was the first kitten I had to make the decision to euthanise, and because of the events that unfolded around his death I was motivated to do more in the rescue world. Rest in peace little Rocky - this is all because of you.
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Though we lost Rocky, his siblings all made a full recovery and found their very own forever homes.