cat behind walls


There are a few special people who we would like to make sure get the acknowledgement they deserve.

You started the Melbourne Street Cat Project with passion in your heart to bridge the gap you saw in the rescue world. Your love, unwaving fire and strength will continue through Rocky Roads - without you we would not have had the stepping stones to build what we have created today.

Ebony here.
Running a rescue is like a symphony orchestrated by a tribe of passionate, selfless, and caring souls. I am so very lucky to have a wonderful team of people who dedicate their precious time and hearts to supporting me run Rocky Roads Rescue.
Thank you to the kind-hearted folks in shelters and communities who tirelessly support animal rescues, to the unsung heroes within our own rescue—working tirelessly in fostering, administration, and every step in between—and finally, to the incredible individuals who open their hearts and homes, providing endless love and security to our furry companions.

Rescue is no one single person's achievements

Thank you for being the logic to my emotion, the thought process to my action and the faith in my plan. You have been a constant support throughout my entire rescue journey and i could not have done this without you.

Thank you for trusting the process and being my emotional safe space. Your love and friendship is irreplaceable to me. We are going to do amazing things.

Jess, Zahra, Adelle, Sarah.
You stuck with me through a roller coaster of a time, your constant support in the admin side of rescue takes a lot of my shoulders and allows me to focus on building bigger and brighter things whilst knowing the paperwork will be managed and completed.

My foster carers.
You took a leap of faith. Throughout the transition and building of Rocky Roads Rescue you trusted me - unconditionally and blindly. Your willingness to open your hearts and your homes to these foster animals provides us with the network to be able to continue saving lives.

Your love patience and understanding through all the changes was second to none. Thank you for being wonderful.

For just being you, making me laugh when i want to cry, throwing fuel on the fire haha and for looking after our long term unadoptable fluffers and giving them the love and life they deserve (at their demand... of course.)